My Internship Comes To An End!

During my time at Handyman Magazine I have been able to gain first hand experience and insight into what it has really meant for businesses and publications to be able to shift into the digital sphere. With many of the media units I have studied with Deakin University, these theories and ideas have been prevalent. Times have changed and the digital landscapes have merged meaning that a lot of magazines and newspapers have had to adapt. Handyman Magazine has been quite successful in doing so for a number of reasons but the predominant factor that stood out to me during my time was the team.

Every member on the editorial team had played some part in taking the magazine online and giving it a digital presence. For example, the content editors, sub editors and even deputy editors all contributed to the uploading of magazine content to suit the website. The art department assisted in resizing images for the web and creating banners for social media and blogs. Senior editors have all had experience on social media and creating online content. The editor and deputy editors have had to understand online conversions with magazine sales from ads on the website and with email newsletters. Mind you, the editorial team only consists of 9 people!

While I have been there, the team have been preparing for what they call the ‘Third Mass Upload’ or TMU. This is exactly what it sounds like, a mass upload of magazine content to the website. It is important for them as it creates more content for social media as well as the weekly online newsletter that goes out to subscribers. I was able to contribute to this by helping to find appropriate articles in past magazines, locate and resize images for the web and even create archive systems to keep track of articles and newsletter content.

I was shown around the back end of the website with how to upload articles and blogs. I was able to sit with the deputy editor and understand the newsletter system, see click throughs and understand the importance of giving the readers what they want. With the social media aspect, I was able to get onto HootSuite and schedule posts to the various platforms and understand the Handyman ‘voice’. I was also given the opportunity to write some blog content for the website. Not to mention being on location for a project photo shoot and I even got to be in the photos which was quite a bit of fun!

The overall experience of interning with this publication has been great for me. Coming from a performing arts background I truly value the knowledge and skills gained from hands on experience and learning. I have been able to see first hand the effect media convergence has had on the magazine industry and how many have had to adapt to survive. The editorial team at Handyman Magazine have been a fine example of that. With my video blog and interviews I really tried to capture that sense of adapting. I believe my experiences and learning during my internship have been invaluable to my learning at Deakin but also to my understanding of working in the media industry at this time.

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