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Everyone has a story to tell and everyone's story has an audience waiting to hear it. I'm not a fan of the boring online noise, "sales-y" copy and altogether cookie-cutter approach to writing. My focus is on storytelling and allowing your unique experience to cut through. I mean, there is only one YOU so why not celebrate that?


I specialise in copywriting, content writing and content creation for the arts and entertainment industries. Basically, I can write your stuff and Canva the hell out of some content for you. Most importantly? My unique background enables me to creatively direct all your content.


Need a script written for your videos? I got you. Want someone there on the day to direct you? Hey, I'm totally here for it! Just need an all-round cheerleader in your corner telling you how a-frikken-mazing you are? Oh, do I have that sorted!

I studied a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Philosophy which has given me the ability to research effectively and see every scenario from multiple angles. My background in acting and performance keeps me spontaneous, fluid and creative.  Bonus -- I'm currently undertaking a Master of Creative Writing.

I have a passion for working with small businesses, brands and individuals who desperately crave a copywriting and content overhaul.

Get in touch to see what magic we can create together. 


Creative, informative and meaningful content builds trust between you and your audience. Whether that's for your social pages, your website or your weekly email blast. I've got you covered when it comes to strategy, planning and motivation to get your content out there.



I want to work on creating copy that is perfect for you and your business.  Concise, engaging and informative communication is key to great copy. That and a bit of personality and pizazz has never led me astray! Let me help you with your website, blogging, advertisements, e-books, newsletters, info packs and anything else that needs the magic of words.​



Do you love creating and writing your own content but aren't entirely sure how to stay consistent? I offer coaching and mentoring for small businesses, small business owners and individuals. It's hard to create a  sustainable workflow on your own. Having someone guide you through it and hold you accountable might just be what you need to stay on top of it all. Bonus? We work within your budget and tailor the coaching to exactly what you need.

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